You are My Sunshine

The lovely Alexandra, over at Good Day, Regular People surprised me last Friday (a very warm and sunny day) with this sweet Sunshine Award. She is the kind of blogger and blogger friend that those mom-blogger-haters don’t believe exists in cyberworld, but I – a very normal kind of blogger who showers (most of the time) and who also has lots of flesh-and-blood friends – can attest that she is indeed real. She’s an eloquent and thoughtful writer and loving mom (I can tell from her writings) and a thoroughly warm and supportive friend. She popped into my blog one day and since then has breathed air into my sometimes deflated tires and kept me going. I’d give this award back to her, but it’d be kind of silly I suppose (she already has one, naturally).

So I’d like to now pass this award to three other women who do the same – who cheer me up with each piece of writing, who encourage me to keep going with my own writing. We all know how scary it can be to share our words, and I owe my brave first steps to them:

Alex, at Late Enough

She is a fellow Yankee transplant to the south but so much funnier and more interesting! We have lots in common like the fact that we are both feminists and had wanted a girl but ended up with boys (and we wouldn’t want things any other way), we both believe showers are an annoying stumbling block to our day, and she went to medical school while I dreamed about going (straight Cs in chemistry was kind of the wake-up call). She is my morning coffee and I check her blog before I dare look at my work emails. Also, she’s my first cyberfriend, the one who made me think, “Wow, really? Someone is actually coming back to read my blog, simply because she wants to??” She is so funny and warm and generous.

Kate Hopper, at MotherWords: Mothers Who Write

Kate is a teacher, published author and editor over at my favorite on-line literary journal Literary Mama . I took her writing course MotherWords this spring and I was surprised at how incredibly – and I mean incredibly – warm, supportive and accessible she is. I loved her class and I hope to continue working with her in the future. She’s doing important work to give mother writers the voice they need to get heard in our still male-dominant literary world and I think she is Ms. Sunshine all around.

Kathryn Dilenschneider at The Tea is Always Greener

Not only is Kathryn my cyberfriend, but she is my flesh-and-blood friend!! We lived within 30 minutes of each other in Japan, and it is funny to think that we had first met on-line through a few posts on Babycenter. If there were a platonic version of, we’d be on the commercial. It’d go something like this: (Me): “After a string of screwy girlfriends, I swear I had sworn off friendships. Backstabbing, gossiping, sleeping with my husband, I didn’t want anymore of it. And then one day a friend recommended, and that’s when I found Kathryn. Not only was she nice, and funny, she told me outright that she had never even seen my husband without his shirt off [and this is an actual quote], she loves my son, and she made me her blogging buddy and became the first friend I shared my blog with.” That is a big deal because it is so much scarier to show your writing to your friends than it is to new people who don’t know you. 

Anyway, I did not meant to turn this into a Sally Fields Academy Award speech but how else can I show off my friends??

Thanks again, Alexandra. Have a wonderful, sun-shiny day 🙂

10 thoughts on “You are My Sunshine

  1. Oh my goodness!! Thank you my cyber-twin 😉
    I remember reading your blog for the first time (when the background was still black) and going: “WOW. Does she just cut right down to it!” Your honesty and humility continue to be refreshing and definitely a sunshine of REAL on my google home page.
    Thank you for thinking of me as sunshine as well.

    • I am so glad you like the warts and all 😉 And what is that Elton John song…Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me? or You?

  2. Thank YOU! And at the risk of sounding like an Academy Award acceptance speech myself, I am in quite a circle of bloggers here! Thanks for thinking of me, brightening my day, motivating me to keep plugging, and introducing me to these ladies behind the links!

    Good point – It feels like more of a risk to share your writing than your shirtless husband with others!!

  3. You are hilarious! I am thinking now of the time Lauren Bacall was nominated for an Oscar…did she win? Actually, Sandra Bullock this year said something along those lines. Who are you wearing? 😉

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