Mothering, Memories

Something must be in the Mother’s Day Eve air because it seems that everywhere I looked this week mothers were talking about memories and growing children and their accompanying bittersweet emotions.

Some wonderful articles and blog posts on the subject that I found these last few days:

(1) Letting Go of Your Kids, Little by Little

This is Alice Bradley’s recent column in Redbook magazine. As many of you may know, she is the author of Finslippy. It’s a quick read about the “different” boys she’s had from infancy to now. Alice’s son is just a year older than mine, and I nodded in recognition in some places while I had to hold back tears in others. It looks like it may be less than a year that my son might stop wanting to hold hands with me.

(2) Three is a Magic Number

Aging Mommy writes a lovely post about the bittersweet feelings she experienced when she saw that her 3 year-old daughter was able to wheel her shopping cart around the market and do quite a good and independent job shopping herself.  She writes: “I was bursting with pride and at the same time practically wanting to weep – because once again, I was reminded of the fact that she is changing so much and so quickly and these days of her being just three will soon be gone too.”

(3) With Love, Mom

Good Day, Regular People shared with us another mom blogger’s idea of writing letters to her children and having them professionally bound for her children. Commenters chimed in with their own wonderful ideas of how they pass their legacies to their children.

In a related post in February, I wrote about Writing My Family’s Memories.

There are a number of ways I’m trying to preserve our family’s memories and stories but I’m afraid I’ve been going about it in a completely disorganized away. I have several handwritten journals, a Word journal, this blog and a private blog that I wrote in 2007-08 which I plan to restart, and folders and folders of Fred’s drawings, worksheets, etc. I have half a dozen blank photo albums and two boxes of scrapbooking supplies. I even have a huge bag of squares I had cut out from Fred’s baby clothes and some fantasy that I will actually make a quilt out of them one day. (Yeah, right!) At the rate I’m going, I’m afraid I might be spending my empty nest years putting together these things! What are you all doing to preserve the memories??

(4) Six Words on Why Moms Matter

In a project to raise awareness of mothers around the world who live in extreme poverty, Women ONE2ONE, in partnership with Smith magazine, are inviting readers to compose their own 6-word memoirs on why mothers matter. To submit your own 6-word memoir, click on the title Six Words on Why Moms Matter above. My 6-word memoirs: “She will sacrifice anything for her children” and “Loves her children more than herself.”

(5) And finally, while I didn’t win Kate Hopper’s haiku contest with my poem about, ahem, leaking, the lovely and talented Pia at The Crack and the Light did with a stunning poem about what she didn’t know about motherhood. So I’d like to end my post here with her haiku, which amazes me with its beauty and simplicity in how it captures, in 17 syllables, exactly how it feels to be a mother:

My heart left my chest
In tiny jeans and t-shirt
Walks around, exposed

4 thoughts on “Mothering, Memories

  1. I think blogs are a great way to preserve the memories. I used for my blogger blog from last year and it worked out great. Not sure about wordpress. Also I do simple photo books at the kodak gallery.

    The quilt idea from the baby clothes is so cute!

    • Thank goodness technology has made it so much easier for us! I’ll have to check out Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Oh, yeah, that haiku right there had every right to be the winner.
    But we tried….

    Thank you for the shout out , sweet thing. We as mothers realize it’s up to us to pass on family history and legacy. Something tangible. I feel it more so since I have no daughters.

    Lovely post, as usual. You never disappoint…:)

    • Ahh…I never even thought about that, the impact that having a boy has on passing things down…you’re right, I have found myself saying, “I’ll save this for F’s wife someday…”

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