Back, Slowly

I’m back, though just barely 😉 We had a fun and exhausting trip and Fred has somehow decided over the last couple of weeks that he needs just 2-7 hours of sleep a day…If my blog were a t.v. sitcom this is the part where I would air a rerun or one of those compilation episodes. So luckily for me one of my posts is up at the blog Laugh Out Loud today. I wrote this one in February before most people knew I had a blog. Please join me at LOL and I hope you enjoy the post. I can’t wait to start reading and writing and connecting again. Happy 4th of July!

6 thoughts on “Back, Slowly

  1. Oh, did I miss you!!

    How was your trip? How did Fred do? I want to hear ALL about it.

    We are leaving for vacation in the morning, will be back late July 11.

    I did miss you, truly..

    Oh, I think I may start crying right now, that you’re back.

    Good to have you. My world felt lopsided without you in it….

  2. Yay! So glad that you’re back!! Welcome home 🙂 Hope you had a wonderful trip…have a fabulous weekend!

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