Earthquake in Japan…hitting too close to home

Today is Fred’s 7th birthday, and I had a couple of ideas of possible blog posts to run. One idea was to rerun my post from last year, where Fred realized his birthday was falling on trash collection day. He had lamented at the bad luck and timing of it all, of having a birthday sullied by trash day. I thought his superstition was funny and was impressed by his connection of the two phenomena.

The irony is, well, ironic, seeing how his 7th birthday falls on an even more devastating day. I pay attention to odd coincidences and I don’t know if I am stretching things here, but the earthquake in Japan struck 9 minutes to the day that Fred was born.

News images of the earthquake in Japan fill our t.v. screen and my Facebook page is flooded by personal accounts of friends in Japan who’ve either walked up to 4 hours to get home (due to stoppage of the commuter trains) and/or who’ve hid under tables watching walls and shelves collapse around them. My 75 year-old mother-in-law was home alone when the quake hit and my 13 year-old stepson never made it home the night of the quake. 

But, everyone that we know, as far as we know, is alive and safe.

I am reminded of the helplessness I felt when 9-11 took place. I was in Japan at the time, and now, like then, I feel far and somehow out of reach of being able to really share this sense of powerlessness and heartache that I still cannot fully articulate.

12 thoughts on “Earthquake in Japan…hitting too close to home

  1. Oh, I thought of you. I don’t know what to say.

    Please keep us updated. The footage is mind boggling. So many buildings that had 3 or 4 stories beneath the main floor…so much devastation.

    They don’t know where to begin!!!

    • Thank you for both comments, Alexandra. You don’t have to have anything special to say. Just hearing from you means so much to me. Thank you.

  2. I’m praying they can get those reactors cooled down. What a sad, sad day. I’m so sorry, Cecilia, but glad that your loved ones are safe.

    (And Happy Birthday to sweet Fred!)

  3. Cecilia, my heart goes out to those devastated by the tragedy although I’m relieved for you that your family is safe. It’s never easy being so far away from the epicenter, but then again, even if we were right there, I think we might feel an equal amount of helplessness, if not more so.

    Hope Fred had a good birthday in spite of the circumstances. It’s funny that he’s superstitious but perhaps someday he’ll realize that sometimes coincidences are just that – coincidences.

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